How To Tell If Boobs Are Fake

I’m very impartial regarding fake vs. real breasts. I don’t care, I just love breasts, and as long as your boob job isn’t a disaster, kudos to you. But many persons (male and female), have a distinct preference, and many often want to know how to tell if boobs are fake. Here are my tips on that:

  1. If they look unnaturally perfect (round), they probably aren’t really. Most real breasts aren’t perfect orbs.
  2. Do they hold in place as she moves around, especially if it’s activity that should cause some jiggling and sliding? If yes, then they probably aren’t real. Watch when she bends over or moves her arms, and even if she leans back or lies flat … if they stay almost the same dimension — instead of flattening out, then they probably aren’t real.
  3. Do they look ‘bubbly’? Hard to describe but fake boobs tend to defy gravity, and look as though they’re ‘bubbling up’. Natural breasts on the other hand follow a more natural sliding curve line from top to bottom.
  4. Unnaturally high up on her body? Natural breasts should be around armpit height. But some bad boob jobs start them way too high on the chest, making almost as though she has two flotation devices strapped to her chin :)
  5. Do they look too firm? Real breasts are mostly fat, which is part of why they jiggle so beautifully; if they look more like solid muscle, they’re probably fake (unless she’s a bodybuilder :)

What are some of your tips? Lemme know in the comments section below!


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